Dorothy Spence

Founder and CEO of The Purpose Led Business School

Dorothy is a visionary business leader, author, connector and spiritual practitioner. She has developed the energy and curriculum of the Purpose Led Business School from a combination of everything she’s learned in her time as a corporate and entrepreneurial leader, her extensive executive and business coaching experience, and her deep dive study into the spiritual practice of yoga.

As great leaders do, Dorothy has brought together a network of trusted collaborators with skill sets that compliment her own. She knows that this will ensure that the Purpose Led Business School programs are delivered according to the intention with which they were exactingly and lovingly created, which is to shift the consciousness of business from fear to love. She also knows that this will also support the creation of an ecosystem of purpose driven businesses. Dorothy believes will help and heal the world.

For Dorothy’s full back-story, please visit the Founder page on our web site. 

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Kath Perry EMBA, BScPT, BScBio

Facilitator of Flow

Kath leads all things operational for the Purpose Led Business School programs. She excitedly brings her considerable entrepreneurial and corporate experience as well as her passion for all things small to medium business to this work.  

The Purpose Led Business Programs are the perfect space for Kath to offer her enthusiasm for and sense of wonder about life as well as her aptitudes for business development, operations strategy and execution, and management of human resources and dynamics. 

Throughout her career she has seen that effective emotional and technical support of entrepreneurs allows them to give their best not only to their businesses, but also to all other aspects of their life. In turn, these magic people can transform the economic reality around them. The yogi in Kath also feels that the Purpose Led Business Programs are the effective melding of two key factors in creating true prosperity - business done well and the best of human experience and practice.

She is here to innovate, create and support the team, program participants, and all other stakeholders to help ensure that everyone has a productive and meaningful experience. 

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Laura Spence B.B.A., ad.PR

Marketing Director

After completing her post-graduate studies in Public Relations, Laura spent some time overseas, before founding HYPRBLY, a boutique branding business based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Big time coffee drinker, abstract painter and story lover (especially known for hyperboles).  Once rode her bicycle from Canada to Mexico, just because.