We offer three levels and ways to engage in our services to help build your purpose led business:

1. Advisory services.

We offer advisory services for businesses who want to scale their impact.  Our typical client ranges from creating their first management team (12 to 50 employees) to further developing and accelerating the business growth through a leadership team (50 to 400 employees).  Using the methodology and global network of the Shirlaws Group (www.shirlawsgroup.com) we offer world class, time tested business building systems used by thousands of private enterprises globally.

2. Purpose led business school. 

We offer in person training for groups of businesses between $100,000 to $1,000,000 in revenue.  We offer the school in eight modules, including two more intimate and intensive two days retreats and six one day modules.  Please click here to get more information and to find a school location.

3. Retreats. 

We offer two day retreats to deepen your learnings and experiences as a leader.  These retreats are held in locations across North America that are chosen for their environment and connection to nature. Please click here for more information on upcoming retreats.