Dorothy Spence

Purpose Led Business CEO

My story is one of “been there and done that”. I want to share with you my joyful journey from being an energy disaster to an energy master and the stops along the way. I have been fortunate in my life to have been exposed to and studied many distinct professions: from the logical and analytical training of engineering and business, to the energetic and spiritual world of yoga. It is by weaving the learning and wisdom of these worlds that I have created the systems and structures for building Purpose Led Businesses from the inside out.

I started my entrepreneurial journey in the mid 1990's with my first company, a national health technology organization. This was the day of the internet and a technology bubble in the financial markets.  It was a magical and exciting time. As the company progressed, so did the myths and beliefs about how to “properly” grow this different type of business. Eventually, the reason we started the business faded into the background of misaligned investors and an increasing number of employees across the country. We were no longer connected to the original core purpose, which was to shift the way healthcare services were delivered. Instead, we became focused on things like competitors, risks, environmental scans, and SWOT analyses. These traditional business tools were focused on the environment “outside” of our business and did not support us on what should have been an inside out entrepreneurial journey. Eventually I became disconnected, obese and very unhappy. I began to feel like I was an imposter in the story of my own life. I knew if I continued on this hamster wheel, I would become very sick. This was not the way I envisioned living my life. The business had sucked the soul out of me. I started questioning what my life was really about. Was there really a point besides what society believed was the success formula: go to university, get a job, have a family, buy a house, and then be happy when you retire?

As a result of that realignment, I spent the next 15 years I focused on the “inside”.  This focus included extensive study and practice in leadership, coaching, and yoga. This reflective, internally focused time allowed me to see the process and value of building my life from the inside out. I took my seeking seriously and intensely. I was curious about getting to the heart of the issue of leadership. I had experienced many different leaders and I noticed some of them were brilliant and some of them were dull. The results generated by the businesses they led seem to follow the same patterns. The company results had more to do with an energy source and alignment inside them than the fancy speeches and newest business management techniques they were espousing. I took a seriously deep study and practice dive into the world of energy, consciousness and yoga through a combination of modern, scientifically based coaching programs and ancient wisdom. This expansive journey took me to India and around the world and allowed me to experience the beliefs and values of societies which were completely different than the one I had grown up in. I started to become more clear on my life purpose, which is to elevate consciousness through energy mastery, and realize how the expression of this is connected to business. I knew this journey needed to start with me. I had a direct experience of this during my first trip to India in 2013 during which I attend the Kumba Mela, the largest spiritual gathering in the world, which has been happening for over 5000 years.  The focus of this gathering was to shift the collective consciousness of the world from fear toward love. This catalyzed the beginning of the third phase of my career and clarified my purpose in business: to shift the collective consciousness of business to trust and love. 

The businesses I was advising after my time in India tended to be very mission driven. What I noticed with them was a tendency to what I call “purpose bled not purpose led." This is characterized by a lack of focus on aligning the commercial aspects of the business to stay “high minded” about the purpose. The consequence was these businesses were not able to expand their purpose beyond a small market. All of this experience lead me to my answer: who I am is just as essential as what I do in my business. The inner work is just as important as the outer work.

The journey has now transitioned into marrying my two passions: purpose led entrepreneurial business and commercialization, and I am now known for being a catalyst in linking these. I have helped support many purpose led businesses build systems and structures from the inside out. It is from this unique perspective that I have created the Purpose Led Business School and Advisory Services that help businesses create scalable impact.