Sheena Russell Owner / Made With Local

In order to establish a Purpose Led Business you need to be clear on your values, and always go back to them to inform your decisions as you move forward. The values that anchor us at Made With Local are 1. being committed to using as many local suppliers as possible, 2. partnering with social enterprises and 3. love is considered an essential, real and tangible nutrient in every product we make. A great side effect of establishing clear values is that it helps the business owners focus on what’s really important, and avoid spreading themselves too thin.

I’d recommend people watch for and figure out how to move through energy blocks as they build their Purpose Led Business. Use your values to make decisions. I believe that by building our business from the inside out, we have grown faster and more sustainably than if we’d made the same decisions as our competitors, which are primarily based on more main stream business advice and planning. Also, participate in and trust your ecosystem of other Purpose Led Businesses. These connections will give you a lot of support and guidance to find the right path, especially through challenging times, and will create a launch pad for success for everyone involved.


Jeffrey Doyle Owner / Smiledog "Your Receptionist”

I decided to start my business primarily out of an internal question that I was asking myself. Can I build a business from scratch? Do I have what it takes? I had built two successful franchise businesses previously (Shred-it & Janiking) which had structured and well developed franchise systems. These systems allowed me to create two successful business.  After I sold these businesses I wanted to see if I could do it on my own . Could I build a franchise model from scratch?  Success did not come quickly.  Growing a franchise business with well-developed systems was easier. However, through the process, I discovered my strengths and I  became painfully aware of my weaknesses. Eventually, it became apparent that I needed advice and coaching  to help me grow the business. 

Purpose Led Business has helped me connect with the purpose and culture  that is Smiledog "Your Receptionist”. We have been able to write it down and disseminate it throughout the organization. This has really engaged the team with our purpose and what we’re trying to accomplish. I model the behaviours I want my employees to exhibit in the business by embodying that purpose every day. This is helping us connect with the people who really love working with us, and who do a great job for our customers. 

In the past, as is typical of many entrepreneurs, I tended to try to do everything myself. Connecting to the purpose of the business has helped me learn to listen more, do less, and focus my time on being a coach and mentor, rather than a ‘do-er’. This has built trust with managers and employees, and they now  feel more empowered. I find it exciting to see them taking charge and doing so well. The purpose creates the energy and excitement that fuels our team and our growth. 

Marc Saint Onge Founder / Bend Beauty

The conventional business philosophy propels you into a hyper competitive environment that orients business practices around profit maximization. This approach may in some cases drive profitability, however in almost all cases it leads to exploitation, stress, burnout, poor health, and the feelings that show up are typically not the ones that lead to a happy and fulfilling life.

Becoming a purpose lead business can dramatically shift the energy within a company and send you on a path that fuels both personal and business growth. Combined with an understanding of business cycles, growth strategies, and effective leadership you can ensure your journey will be measured with success.