My story is one of “been there and done that”. I started my entrepreneurial journey with my first company, a national health technology company, in the mid 1990’s. This was the day of the internet and a technology bubble in the financial markets. It was magical and exciting at first and then as the company grew, so did the myths and beliefs about how to “properly” grow this different type of business. Eventually, the magic and the reason why we started the business faded into the background of misaligned investors and an increasing number of employees across the country who weren’t connected to the core purpose of the business. Instead of our core being to shift the way healthcare services got delivered, we became focused on competitors, risks, environmental scans, SWOT analysis, etc.. These traditional business tools were focused on the environment outside of our business and not support us on our inside out entrepreneurial journey.

Fast forward to the next 15 years where I spent focused on the “inside environments”. This included extensive study and practice in leadership, coaching, and yoga. This reflective, internally focused time allowed me to see the value and process of building my life from the inside out. What I noticed with the businesses that I advised in this period was a tendency I call “purpose bled not purpose led”. I noticed the lack of focus on the commercial aspects of the business to stay “high minded” about the purpose. The consequence was these businesses were not able to expand their purpose beyond a small market.

The journey has now transitioned into marrying my two passions: purpose led entrepreneurial business with commercialization. I have become known for catalysing businesses to commercial their purpose. I have helped support many purpose led businesses build systems and structures from the inside out. It is from this unique perspective that I have created the purpose led business school and advisory services that helps businesses create scalable impact.